Francis, Filtered

As we pointed out previously, Pope Francis is not some radical bent upon changing the Church, but a new type of leader who is intent upon opening up dialogue with those who do not understand the Catholic faith.Francis, Filtered

Pope Francis Bringing People Back to the Church


According to this article in the, quoting Philippine priest.  Fr. Manuel Francisco, “Pope Francis has regained the confidence of many Catholics by making the faith “cool” again.

Pope Francis Effect in Boston

The Boston Globe hopes to do well with a New Website all about Pope Francis and the Pope Francis effect. According to their new editor, things about the Catholic Church are trending well and (of course) have a global effect.

After all we are the catholic (i.e. universal) Church.

Pope Francis Effect in L.A.

L. A. Outreach to Millennials is the latest sign of the Pope Francis Effect. Please read the entire article.


Pope Francis: “Families are Under Attack”

In an article released today by AP: Families under attack Pope Francis stated to thousands in an Olympic stadium that the devil is attacking the family, which Pope Francis calls the domestic church.

Pope Francis – Healing the Wounds of Sin and Division in the Holy Land

Much is being written about the historic visit by Pope Francis to the Holy Land this week. And there is much more to come as Palestinian and Israeli leaders will be joining Pope Francis for prayer in Rome.

An additional, and perhaps overlooked event is the discussions between Pope Francis and the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church. Read more about it here:  orthodox rift

Pope Francis’ visit to highlight: “it is actually Christians who are the most persecuted group in contemporary society.”

This article, appearing in Time Magazine online May 22, finally tells the truth about the most persecuted group of people on the planet, Christians. persecution It also highlights that this persecution is largely ignored by global media.

Catholic Publishers See Boost from Interest in Pope Francis

The Pope Francis effect is undeniable. In some places it is resulting in increased Mass attendance, with fallen-away Catholics coming home to the Church. In other places (as previously noted in this blog) classes and discussion groups about religion in general and Pope Francis in particular are popping up on college campuses.

The most recently noticed phenomenon is the growth of interest in religion, with certain areas, Italy for example, where, in the first year of Francis’ pontificate, there were published 111 books of his writings, and 139 about him.

People are interested in him and what he has to say for many reasons, most notably, as stated in this article, Interest, “The source of his (Pope Francis’)communication’s effectiveness lies in his evangelical authority.”

Evangelical authority, proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, is the source of our strength. Let’s follow Pope Francis’ example.


Pope Francis Warns of the Dangers of a Hardened Heart.

On Vatican Radio today (May 13, 2014) Pope Francis used the readings of the day to talk about evangelization. Please read the article here: Warning

“Look out because the Devil is present,” says Pope Francis

I’ve been asked many times since my ordination why I don’t preach about hell and the Devil. The simple answer is that it is not in vogue.

But, that may be changing as Pope Francis speaks of him repeatedly in his messages to the church. As this article from the Washington Post reveals: Pope Francis Warns About the Devil.

We’ll have to wait and see what, exactly, Pope Francis has in mind and how we as Catholics can combat the influence of the devil in our world.


RCIA and the Pope Francis Effect

Arkansas Catholic Article tells of the positive impact of Pope Francis upon men and women looking for a deeper/better relationship with God. Pope Francis, according to the article, is not making converts as much as he is projecting the true face of the Catholic Church to the minds and hearts of people seeking a relationship with God, a face that has for a long time been obscured. Pope Francis is causing people to take a new look at the Catholic Church.

How Pope Francis is Changing the Church

Salt & Light Catholic Media is presenting an in-depth documentary that  examines how Pope Francis is changing Church

The program, by Christopher Lamb  is a  new documentary on how the Church is changing under Pope Francis will be broadcast on Maundy Thursday by Catholic television network Salt and Light.

The Francis Effect includes interviews from a range of senior church figures including the Cardinal Archbishop of Boston, Sean O’Malley, one of the Pope’s closest advisers.

There are also contributions from leading news anchors including Anderson Cooper of CNN and Diane Sawyer of ABC News explaining the impact of Francis’ style and persona on the media.

Click here for more details: The Francis Effect


Pope Francis: “The Devil is Here”

A report today in the Catholic News Service states that Pope Francis believes that the devil is a present reality now, in the 21st Century. And he warns us to beware of temptation and the subtle efforts by the devil to lead us into sin.

Read the article for yourself. Devil is here

Pope Francis Effect – Practical Holiness?

In this article found in The Pilot ” What Francis and Benedict Agree Upon ” the author notes that liberals expect conservatives, and especially conservative Catholics to be upset by Pope Francis. They think he is on their side, perhaps because they think he will change the culture of the Church.

Once you’ve read the article perhaps you might like to post a comment.

Pope Francis – Hugely Popular With U.S. Catholics

Australian Catholic Media report that Pope Francis is having a positive impact in the minds (and hopefully the hearts) of U. S. Catholics. But if you read the entire article you will find that it might be wishful thinking.

What do you think?

I know, for my part as a full-time Catholic deacon, the conversations I am having with fallen-away Catholics and those who do not practice the Catholic faith at times other than Christmas and Easter there has been a very positive uptick. I can’t say that I see it as yet in church attendance, but signs are very hopeful.

World’s Greatest Leader

Pope Francis stands for something, and this is more that just leadership, it is principles. Read the recent article in Forbes Magazine declaring Pope Francis as the world’s greatest leader.

Mio Papa (My Pope) – a Papal People Magazine

People of all faiths and nationalities can’t seem to get enough of Pope Francis (pope Francis Effect).His popularity has grown so much that the Italians have now created a magazine, Mio Papa, to highlight his words and chronicle his exploits.

Mio Papa’s editor Aldo Vitali, who’s also editor of Italy’s number one weekly magazine – a cross between TV Guide and People – said in his editorial, “the purpose is not so much to celebrate the pope but to help him make the world a better place.”

This is great. It is something all of us Catholics should be doing. Don’t you agree?

Pope Francis Efffect Affecting New Cardinals?

The new cardinals will be wearing the traditional red when Pope Francis elevates them this week. But, while the color will be traditional, the finishing touches will make them appear more modest, as this article reveals Cardinals

Pope Francis Effect – Update

Pope Francis Effect continues. As per the article that appeared today in the Huffington Post online, the decision to join the Church and to get more deeply involved with the Church is expanding.


Getting Sweet on Pope Francis

Chocolate pope

Pope Francis stands in front of a life-size statue made of chocolate . The statue, made with 1.5 tonnes of cocoa, was presented to the Pope last week. Who would ever think of creating a life-size image in chocolate?

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