Catholic Publishers See Boost from Interest in Pope Francis

The Pope Francis effect is undeniable. In some places it is resulting in increased Mass attendance, with fallen-away Catholics coming home to the Church. In other places (as previously noted in this blog) classes and discussion groups about religion in general and Pope Francis in particular are popping up on college campuses.

The most recently noticed phenomenon is the growth of interest in religion, with certain areas, Italy for example, where, in the first year of Francis’ pontificate, there were published 111 books of his writings, and 139 about him.

People are interested in him and what he has to say for many reasons, most notably, as stated in this article, Interest, “The source of his (Pope Francis’)communication’s effectiveness lies in his evangelical authority.”

Evangelical authority, proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ, is the source of our strength. Let’s follow Pope Francis’ example.


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