Homilies and Thoughts from Fr. Pat

Homily 13th Sunday Ordinary Time 2020

Homily 12th Sunday Ordinary Time

Homily Corpus Christi 2020

Homily Holy Trinity 2020 Live in Peace United with the Trinity

Homily Ascension 2020

Homily Fifth Sunday of Easter 2020

Homily Third Sunday of Easter 2020 Do We Recognize Jesus

Homily Divine Mercy Sunday 2020

Homily Easter Sunday 2020

Homily Easter Vigil 2020

Homily Mass of the Lords Supper Holy Thursday 2020

Homily Palm Passion Sunday 2020

Homily 5th Sunday of Lent 2020

Homily 4th Sunday of Lent 2020

Homily 3rd Sunday of Lent 2020

Homily 2nd Sunday of Lent 2020

Homily 1st Sunday of Lent 2020

Homily Ash Wednesday 2020

Homily Fifth Sunday Ordinary Time 2020 Let Your Light Shine

Homily Presentation of the Lord 2020

Homily Word of God Sunday Third Sunday OT 2020

Homily Epiphany 2020

Homily Holy Family 2019

Christmas Homily 2019

Homily Fourth Sunday Advent 2019

Homily 3rd Sunday of Advent 2019

Homily 2nd Sunday Advent 2019
Homily 1st Sunday Advent 2019
Thanksgiving Homilette 2019

Homily Christ the King 2019

Homily 33rd Sunday OT November 17 2019

Homily – Vocations Story November 10 2019

Homily Installation Mass October 27 2019 Fr Pat

Homily 29th Sunday OT October 20 2019 Fr Pat Proclaim Pray Persist

Homily October 13, 2019, Fr. Pat, Homily 28th Sunday OT 2019

Homily October 6, 2019, Fr. Pat, Homily 27th Sunday OT 2019

Homily September 29, 2019, Fr. Pat, Homily 26th Sunday OT 2019
Homily 25th Sunday OT 2019
Homily 23rd Sunday OT 2019 Slavery or Freedom
Homily 22nd Sunday OT 2019 Humility

Homily 21st Sunday OT 2019 Physican Assisted Suicide

Homily 19th Sunday 2019 Second coming

Homily 18th Sunday OT 2019

Homily 17th Sunday OT 2019 Prayer Fr Pat

Homily 16th Sunday OT 2019 balance