Lord, we sing with a special purpose.

Allow the songs we sing to be truly prayerful.

May we offer not only a pleasing sound,

but a song that will have the power to touch souls.

May we sing with conviction that allows the words

to come from our hearts.

May your Spirit breathe energy and power into our words.

Let each song strike a new chord in the lives of those we lead in song.

May these hymns provide inspiration as well as pleasure.

And Lord, even as we ask this for those whom we lead,

we ask this blessing for ourselves.

Never let the melodies and words become so commonplace

that they lose their fire as we sing.

Let the hymns sound new in our ears.

May we always pray as we sing.

Let the words become the prayers and thoughts of our hearts.

Give a grace to our words that we may be uplifted as we sing.

May the gift we give be returned a hundredfold.