Each of us begins life on a journey. Baptism puts our journey into a relationship with God, celebrated and nourished by a very special community – the Catholic Church.

When we were Baptized, our parents, godparents and the Catholic Community welcomed us with great joy. As followers of Jesus Christ, we are welcomed into the family of God.

Steps for having your child baptized at St. Catharine’s Church:

1. Notify the parish office of the birth (or imminent birth) of your child and schedule a pre-baptism class.
– Classes are held on the first Tuesday of every month
– Both parents should (and one must) attend the pre-baptism class.
2. After attending the class, contact the office and schedule your child’s baptism
– Baptisms are performed in the church at 1:30 p.m. on the second and fourth Sunday of each month
3. Choose godparents based on the guidelines of the Church
– Godparents must be practicing, confirmed Catholics, age 16 or older, and if married must be in a marriage recognized by the Church.
– One godparent is required and can be either male or female.
– If two godparents, then one must be male, one female.

If you have any questions the parish secretary will be glad to assist and you may have to speak with one of our staff members if there are any complications.