Your Child’s Baptism

Baptisms at Saint Catharine Parish are held on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month.  You and your guests will be welcomed into Father Scheg Hall at 1:30PM.  At approximately 2:00PM, you will be led into the Church for your child’s reception of the Sacrament of Baptism.

How to Schedule a Baptism

  1. Call our main office (732-842-3963) and Carol will assist you in registering in the parish, if necessary, and setting up a date for your child’s baptism.  She will also share with you information on our Baptism Class for parents.  The class is held on the first Tuesday of each month, and this class is mandatory for parents and encouraged for godparents.  Unfortunately, if for any reason, you do not attend the class, the baptism will be postponed until you attend the class.
  1. Carol will send you a Baptismal data sheet to be filled out. You must return the data sheet before the actual baptism, as well as certificates of eligibility for the godparents, and a $50 donation to the Church.

                                                       Godparent Eligibility

  1. You may have one or two Godparents (baptized Catholics).
  2. If there are two, one must be male and the other female (Canon Law).
  3. If you are having two Godparents, both need letters of eligibility.
  4. Godparents must be 16 years old or older (Canon Law).
  5. Godparents must be practicing Catholics who have received the Sacraments
  6. Godparents must be practicing Catholics who participate regularly in the Eucharist.  If married their marriage must be recognized by the Catholic Church.
  1. Parents cannot be Godparents to their own children.
  2. A Protestant (non-Catholic), who has been baptized, may be designated a Christian Witness.
  1. A non-baptized person cannot be a Godparent or a Christian Witness.