Liturgy Committee

What We Do
We work to provide meaningful worship experiences that focus on God and the sacraments by coordinating liturgical ministers for our five weekend Masses as well as Holy Days and special liturgies. The Liturgy Committee is comprised of the leaders of the following ministries:
• Eucharistic Ministry – Mary Krugh
• Music Ministry (Cantors, Choir, Musicians)—Patrick Dalton,
• Readers—Vincent Pizzolo,
• Ushers
• Coordinator Joseph Vassallo, who coordinates services across the ministries to
assure that the correct number of ministers is available for each service, and
• Deacon Chris Hansen, who oversees the Liturgy Committee.


Each leader creates schedules for their ministry, which are given out in advance and posted in the Sacristy and the weekly bulletin. Leaders are also responsible for enlisting possible new members and recommending them to the pastor for approval.
Once approved, new members are trained by their ministry leader, sometimes with the assistance of the pastor or Deacon Hansen. Periodic, updated liturgy directions are given to the ministers in keeping with directives for liturgy provided by the Pope, Bishop, pastor or staff. Each fall an annual liturgy meeting is held for all members to discuss up-to-date changes and freshen up on ministerial tasks.


Currently, more than 200 parishioners serve as liturgical ministers at St. Catharine’s.