Fall Program

Church of St. Catharine Fall Religious Education Program
General Information, Rules & Procedures


Dominica Vullo – Coordinator

Dee Waggner & Joanne Chiusano – Secretaries

Office Phone Number & Email: 732-758-8568, religious_ed@stcatharine.net

Office Hours:

9:00 am – 5:45 pm Monday & Wednesday

9:00 am – 4:30 pm Tuesday, Thursday & Friday

Class Times:

Classes are held on Monday or Wednesday afternoons from 4:30pm – 5:45 pm

Arrival Procedures:

Please park in the back parking lot and walk your child/children through the Back Entrance of the Religious Education Building. All students need to enter through the back entrance as the Atrium Entrance will be locked.
(All PETS must remain in the car while you walk your child/children into the building.)

Dismissal Procedures:

Older Siblings

(siblings of children in grades 1 & 2) will be dismissed first and will wait with the hall monitor until it is time to pick-up younger siblings.

Grades 1 & 2

Will remain in their classrooms.  Parents/Guardians will enter the Parish Hall Entrance and will pick-up their children in the classrooms when it is announced.

Grades 3 -7

Classes will be dismissed from the back of the Religious Education Building.  (Please park your car and walk up to the coned area to meet your child/children at the Back Entrance.)

Religious Education Program Rules:

All students are expected to arrive on-time and prepared for class.  Any student arriving after 5:00 pm will not be permitted to go to class and will be marked absent for that session.

All students are expected to remain until the end of class time.  Any student needing to leave early, must be signed–out by a parent/guardian in Room # 1. (No student will be permitted to leave the building unless accompanied by a parent/guardian.)

Any student that leaves before 5:15 pm will be marked absent that session.


All students are expected to attend class each week, unless of an illness or family emergency only.  (Not sports, dance or other activities)

If your child will be absent, please contact us by calling:  732-758-8568, ext 1 and let us know the reason for the absence.  A doctor’s note may be required if your child has multiple absences.

If for some reason there is an illness or family situation, please contact us so that we may be “here” for you and to assist you in any way possible.

If your child is absent, we will send home any missed assignments when your child returns, and we ask that you help your child complete the assignment and return to your child’s teacher.

Excessive absences may result in your child being asked to repeat the year.

Cell Phone Policy:

All cell phones will be collected by the teacher before class begins and will be returned to the students at dismissal time.  For any emergencies, please contact the Religious Education Office at 732-758-8568.


www.stcatharine.net  for all calendar and parent information, etc.

All communications with parents/guardians will come via the website.

We will send you an email alerting you to go to the website for any pertinent information or calendar changes.


When school is closed due to inclement weather, Religious Education classes will be cancelled.  For any other emergency closing, we will post on the website and send out an email alert.

Fire/Evacuation & Lock Down Plans:

In case of an emergency, we have implemented a Fire, Evacuation & Lock Down Plans. During the course of each program we will run a test drill on the above plans.  For further information please contact us at 732-758-8568.


Each child is given the books he/she needs.  If a child loses a book, a fee of $20.00 will be charged to replace the book.


We have incorporated a no food, snack or candy policy.  Please do not send your child into class with snacks of any kind.


All parents are expected to volunteer for a minimum of 2 hours per year.  There are many opportunities for parents to be active and involved.  Please contact us for information.

Family Information:

Please be sure to notify us if any of your contact information changes, example:  address, phone number, cell phone number, email address or emergency contact information.

Please be sure to notify us if any of your child/children’s information changes, examples:  learning, medical or allergy information.