Sunday School Curriculum:

The I Am Special Program


Through our Christian faith we know we are unique because of the precious gifts and qualities God has created in each of us. (Cf. Rom 12:3-8)


This religious education program for kindergarten is designed to support parents in educating their children about the Catholic faith by helping children:
To develop positive attitudes about themselves, their family, and friends by discovering and learning more about the many gifts, talents, and abilities that God has provided;
To increase the children’s knowledge and participation in the Church’s liturgical seasons of Advent, Christmas, Lent, and Easter;
To increase the children’s knowledge about God and their friendship with Jesus;
To increase the children’s knowledge and practice of Christian actions toward others, such as taking turns, listening, helping, waiting, caring, sharing, loving, and thanking others;
To increase the children’s appreciation and celebration of God’s love and goodness through Scripture, music and prayer.

This kindergarten program is designed to stimulate the faith development of young children by providing them with the following opportunities:
Reinforcement of Christian values and attitudes being taught at home;
Participation in Christian learning experiences and activities geared to their age level;
An introduction to community worship through active participation in prayer and song;
Fellowship and fun with other children their own age.

Because young children learn best through actual experiences, lessons in this program use stories, songs, dramatizations, finger plays, sensory activities, Scripture, and prayers in which participation is the primary component.

A kindergarten religion class can be a faith community-one that cares, loves, shares, helps, and prays together. A pleasant relationship between children and teacher is part of what encourages the formation of Christian attitudes and the children’s faith response.