Homilies and Thoughts from Fr. Pat

Homily Christ the King 2023 We Are A Royal Family

Homily 33rd Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 Use Your God Given Talents

Homily 31st Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 Put Others First

Homily 30th Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 Reminder to Focus on God

Homily 29th Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 Our Values Can Influence Society

Homily 28th Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 Our Wedding Vows with God

Homily 26th Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 Virtue vs Wickedness

Homily 25th Sunday Ordinary time 2023 Gods Perspective is All About Love

Homily 24th Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 Dont Be A Chuck

Homily 21st Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 WWJD

Homily 20th Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 Choose to Be a Disciple

Homily Transfiguration 2023

Homily 16th Sunday Ordinary Time 2023

Homily 14th Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 Meek and Humble of Heart

Homily 13th Sunday Ordinary Time 2023

Homily 12th Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 Acknowledge God Before Others

Homily Corpus Christi 2023 The Eucharist is a Gateway to Heaven

Homily Pentecost 2023

Homily Ascension 2023

Homily Fifth Sunday Easter 2023 The Structure of the Church

Homily Easter Sunday 2023

Homily Holy Thursday 2023

Homily Palm Sunday 2023

Homily 5th Sunday Lent 2023 Lessons from Lazarus

Homily 4th Sunday Lent 2023 Dont Judge a Book by its Cover

Homily 2nd Week of Lent 2023 Be a Blessing Be a Light

Homily 1st Sunday of Lent 2023 Fighting Temptation

Homily 6th Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 World Marriage Day

Homily 4th Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 Our Beatitudes (with Worksheet!)

Homily 3rd Sunday Ordinary Time 2023 All Gods Children are a Gift

New Years Homily 2023

Christmas Homily 2022

Homily 3rd Sunday of Advent 2022 Goblin Mode or Disciple Mode

Homily second Sunday of Advent 2022at St Mary’s

Homily Christ the King 2022

***Heavy Meditation: Fall To Your Knees by Holy Name

***A Calmer meditation song (lol)

Homily 33rd Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 Longing for the End

Homily 32nd Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 Greatest Prize Ever

Homily All Saints Day 2022

Homily 31st Sunday in Ordinary Time 2022 Meet People Where They Are

Homily 30th Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 Enter God’s Presence

Homily 29th Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 Holding Up Each Other’s Arms

Homily Respect Life Sunday 2022 Life is about being Both

Homily 26th Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 Comfort the Afflicted Afflict the Comfortable

Homily for 25th Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 Two Paths True love or Fake love

Homily for the 23rd Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 The Cost of Discipleship

Homily 20th Sunday ordinary Time 2022 Win or Lose Praise God

Homily 19th Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 What Have You Done With What Youve Been Given

Homily 18th Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 Lumber Song

Homily 16th Sunday OT 2022 Help With Gods Mission

Homily 14th Sunday OT 2022 Freedom to Proclaim Christ

Homily Holy Trinity 2022 Built for Relationship

Homily Pentecost 2022

Homily Ascension Sunday 2022

Homily 5th Sunday of Easter 2022 How Did Jesus Love

Homily Fourth Sunday Easter 2022 Mother as Light to the Nations

First Communion Homily 2022 Our Encanto

Homily for Third Sunday of Easter 2022

Homily 2nd Sunday of Easter 2022 So I Sent You

Easter Homily 2022

Homily Palm Sunday 2022

Homily Fourth Sunday of Lent 2022 Forgive 7 Times

Homily Annunciation 2022

Homily 3rd Sunday Lent 2022 Paying Attention to God

Homily second Sunday Lent 2022 The Science of Transfiguration

Homily First Sunday of Lent 2022

Homily Ash Wednesday 2022

Homily 8th Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 Faith Test

Homily 6th Sunday Ordinary Time What is Love

Homily for Third Sunday Ordinary Time 2022 Anointed

Homily for the Baptism of the Lord 2022

Homily Epiphany 2022 Come and See

New Years Homily 2022

Homily for Holy Family 2021

Christmas Homily 2021

Homily 3rd Sunday Advent 2021 Where Does Joy Come From

Immaculate Conception Homilette 2021

Homily for 2nd Sunday of Advent 2021 Search for the Historical Jesus

Homily 1st Sunday Advent 2021


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