Employment Resource Committee

“It is not good for man to be alone.” God said this in Genesis, chapter 2, verse 18. And, so he created a help mate, beginning the community of mankind. But now, many centuries later, while we are far from alone, when you are unemployed and looking for work for months at a time, you certainly feel alone. Indeed, after you’ve read the books, sent the resumes, and done the working you can truly understand the feeling of aloneness. IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE, especially when looking for meaningful work.

What can be done?

Our St. Catharine’s Employment Resource Committee is here to help. With thirty years of history here at our parish and with a team of lay “ministers” who have well over 100 years experience in the field of employment and who are steeped in the Catholic tradition of helping others, it is a great place to start or to restart your job search. Join Us! Also, click on the “Job Leads” tab for employment opportunities.

Open to:  All parishioners
Meet:       4th Monday of the month
Time:       7:00 pm
Place:      Room 15
Contact:   Deacon Tom DiCanio @ tjd55555@aol.com
or Vin Pizzolo @ vpizzolo@gmail.com.