Music Ministers

St. Catharine’s Music Ministry

“The primary role of music in the Liturgy is to help the members of the gathered assembly to join themselves with the actions of Christ and give voice to the gift of faith.” (Sing to the Lord: Music in Divine Worship; USCCB, 2007.) “The Christian faithful who come together as one in expectation of the Lord’s coming are instructed by the Apostle Paul to sing together Psalms, hymns, and spiritual canticles (Col 3:16). Great importance should therefore be attached to the use of singing in the celebration of the Mass.” (General Instruction of the Roman Missal; USCCB, 2011.) The primary role of all music ministers is to lead the musical participation of those assembled for divine worship. Each music minister serves in additional roles as well, but leading Liturgical song must always remain foremost.

Adult Choir:

If you enjoy singing and would like to use your talent to participate in a ministry, consider joining the Adult Choir. No experience is necessary. The director holds Bachelor and Masters degrees in music education and the choir members and organist (also holding a degree in music education) are always willing to assist all members as needed.

The choir sings at one Mass (usually 11:00 AM) each weekend beginning in September and ending in June. The choir also sings on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Easter Vigil, and other special occasions.
Anyone in “8th grade to adult” are welcome and encouraged to join us. Interest and dedication are all you need to receive all the necessary training to participate fully. To join the Adult Choir simply come to a rehearsal on a Thursday evening in the church at 7:30 pm.


Leaders of song and cantors are a much needed part of the music ministry if we are to expect the “full and active participation” of the assembly as called for in the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy (Second Vatican Council). This parish needs cantors to lead the assembly in song at every weekend and Holy Day Mass and other special liturgies. Cantors rehearse with the music director and organists as needed, and may request recordings with which to practice. The Cantor ministry is open to any singer of at least high school age. An audition with the music director is required.

Children’s Choir:

The Children’s Choir is a group of children from 1st grade to 6th grade that rehearses weekly and sings for various Masses throughout the year including Christmas Eve, Easter,and a Mass and parish May Crowning the first weekend of May.  Other events may be planned based upon experience and participation levels.

Teen/Contemporary Choir:

This choir is open to singers 7th to 12th grade. We rehearse one evening per week. This choir sings at selected Masses throughout the year and provides music for the Confirmation Class. Teen/Contemporary Choir also uses drums, bass, guitar, piano and other instrumental accompanists.

Hand Bells:

The handbell choir is open to any one of at least eighth grade age. Previous musical experience and music reading is helpful but not required. The hand bell choir rehearses for one hour each week in the music room. At least six participants are required to form a handbell choir.


Participating In More Than One Music Ministry:



Instrumentalists are also needed and welcome in the music ministry. No matter what your instrument, there is a place for you in this ministry. Rehearsals take place once each week throughout the choir season, and as needed outside of the regular season.

Significant experience on your instrument and an audition with the music director is required.


“The manifold possibilities of the organ in some way remind of the immensity and magnificence of God.” (Pope Benedict XVI) Organists are an integral part of the Music Ministry. They accompany the choirs and cantors (assisting in musical leadership) and add to the impact of the liturgy as described above. Significant keyboard experience is necessary for those who wish to participate in this aspect of the Music Ministry. Transitional training (from piano/keyboard to our organ) will be provided as needed. St. Catharine’s is fortunate to have a wonderful Allen Renaissance electronic organ with recording and MIDI capabilities. Scheduling for organists is done on an individual basis. The music ministry is always seeking both scheduled organists and those willing to substitute.

Singers may participate as part of one of the following ministries:
Adult Choir
Folk Choir
Children’s Choir
Teen/Contemporary Choir

Instrumentalists may participate as part of one of the following ministries:
Small Ensembles (accompanying choirs)
Hand Bells
Christmas Orchestra

The music ministry is always expanding; these are the present offerings of the ministry. We strive to have a place for any one interested in the music ministry. If you are interested in joining this wonderful ministry, please contact Patrick Dalton at or Kathy Dalton at