St. Catharine’s Spiritual Library was first established in 1997 when Monsignor Eugene Rebeck designated the former Church office as space for the new library.
In January, 1997, a committee of 4 volunteered to catalog and put into different categories 200 books which had been purchased for the library.  During the first six months Celeste Vick assumed the duties of Librarian.  The volunteers were Karen Day, Ann Matthews and Dot Morley.
The Library opened April 14, 1997, with a reception to introduce the Spiritual Library to the Parish.
There are 24 categories of books.  They cover every subject.  These include Biblical studies, Church, Christology, Spirituality, Biographies, Religion/History, Mariology, Saints, Prayers, Family and Christian Novels.  The new books are displayed on a table to help readers select the latest publications.
The Library has an outstanding reference section, including the Catholic Encyclopedia, Encyclopedia Britannica, Jerome Biblical Commentary, a 12 volume set of Butler’s Saints, Canon Law, theology and Church history.
The Spiritual Library is open Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm.