Pastoral Council

Parish Pastoral Council Update Spring 2022

Over the last several months we welcomed an Events Committee to host social events for our parish throughout the year. Many thanks to those who volunteered for this committee! We are grateful for their enthusiasm and are excited for the new and creative ways they plan to encourage COMMUNITY within Saint Catharine’s.

In addition, the council has been working with a representative from the Diocese to analyze the parish’s current EVANGELIZATION efforts and develop a plan to ensure our ministries best meet the faith needs of our community and parish. Stay tuned for our recommendations based on this analysis!

The following elements of parish life at St. Catharine are our current priorities:

COMMUNITY: The Church of St. Catharine is a community working through the Holy Spirit providing spiritual growth in a nurturing environment, while promoting togetherness and belonging. Our campus is a place where all are welcome to experience the Love of God and enjoy each other’s company.

EVANGELIZATION: We are a community that brings people to Jesus’ Way of Life, through an encounter with Christ.
FAITH FORMATION: We help parishioners come to know and grow in their spiritual life through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

WORSHIP: Sunday Mass at St. Catharine is a time when all Individuals and Families Are Welcomed to Experience God’s Purpose and Presence in an Energized, Uplifting Environment – Surrounded and Supported by an Engaged & Caring Community.

Please feel free to introduce yourself to council members when you see us at mass and reach out to individual councilors by clicking on their names below: