Your wedding day is a significant, and joyous event for you, your family, friends, and the Christian community. It is the beginning of the long adventure of the Christian Marriage, and merits much celebration. Since you have spent much time in choosing appropriate wedding invitations, selecting the gowns for the bridesmaids and tuxedos for the ushers, and seeing to it that the last detail of the reception is taken care of, it is now most important for you to take a keen interest in the ceremony that will unite you for life in the holy state of Matrimony.

There is no doubt that the ceremony is the highlight of the day; and great care and interest should be taken to make it as meaningful as possible to you and your guests. At Pre-Cana conferences, you have been shown the various options that are open to you in planning your ceremony, e.g., the choice of readings, prayers, blessing, etc. Here at St. Catharine’s Church we will plan with you the liturgy of your wedding day, and help you to have a meaningful celebration.

Since marriage is a sacrament taking place in the Church, it is most important for all to realize the holiness of the celebration, and therefore, to approach it with the greatest respect and interest.

The following information and guidelines are provided to help you celebrate your wedding day in a Christian and meaningful way.

May all your days be filled with the Presence of Christ as you meet Him in the Sacraments, in each other, and in the beauty of his creation. And finally, may I along with the deacons of your parish wish you well and ask God’s blessings on you all the days of your married life.