Rehearsal and License

The rehearsal for the wedding is arranged at the final session with the priest or deacon. With all the questions that must be asked and the last minute details that must be checked upon, the following points might be of help.

  • Generally, musicians do not attend the wedding rehearsal. If there is a musical element in your liturgy that requires additional rehearsal time, please contact the music ministry to make arrangements for that rehearsal.
  • Since the Church is a special place to worship and prayer, we remind all in the wedding party that proper behavior and respect is expected of all.
  • The time of the rehearsal is determined at the final session of the couple with the priest or deacon. Due to the fact that there is usually more than one wedding on a Saturday, the rehearsal must begin at the designated time so as not to hold up the next wedding party. Rehearsals take approximately one-half hour.
  • The marriage license is to be brought to the rehearsal so that the two witnesses can sign it that evening.
  • For information on civil requirements, call the Registrar of Vital Statistics, at the Holmdel Township Hall, 732-946-4460, or the Registrar of Vital Statistics, at the Middletown Township Hall, 732-615-2097.