Religious Education

St. Catharine Religious Education Program Welcomes You!

“Children are not just the church of tomorrow. They are the church of today as well.”

At Home Prayer and Activity Ideas for you and your Family

Faith Based Activities:

Daily and Sunday Mass:


  • Pray the Rosary as a family. Check out various options at
  • Learn to pray the rosary. How to Pray the Rosary online
  • Construct a family sacred space in your home and compose a family prayer
  • Create a list of family prayer intentions


Family Faith Resource:

At you’ll find video programs that explain the Catholic faith. Catholic movies for children and families, resources in Spanish, Bible studies on a variety of topics and includes inspiring audio talks. As a member of St. Catharine Church, it’s free to you and your family!

“Growing in Faith and Service”
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Mission Statement:
The Church of St. Catharine Religious Education Program is a ministry devoted to faith development from grade 1 through grade 8. The ministry supports parents as the primary educators of the faith for their children and fosters a partnership between the families and the whole parish.

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