Religious Education

2023 – 2024 Religious Education Fall Program Registration Is Now Open!

To register for St. Catharine’s 2023-2024 Religious Education Fall Program click here!




Christopher Carlo – Coordinator of Religious Education
Joanne Chiusano – Secretary
Office Phone Number & Email: 732-758-8568,


Appeal for Catechists

As with any successful program, it takes many helpful hands and diverse talents to make it work. Please look over the volunteer job descriptions, here, and see if there is any way that you can contribute to our program. All families are encouraged to get involved and volunteer in some way. If you can help, please contact the Religious Education office today at 732-758-8568 or email Chris at

General Info About Program

  • Classes will be held September 2023 through April 2024
  • Classes for grades 1-7 will meet every other Wednesday
  • Grade 8 confirmation classes will meet Sundays from1:15-3. More information can be found here.
  • Students are expected to attend weekly Sunday mass throughout the year
  • Monthly mass reflections are to be submitted
  • Families will be required to attend 4 Liturgical/Family events throughout the year
  • Finding God & Growing with God curriculum (Loyola Press)
  • Virtual Home Study is still available for this school year
  • Registration forms need to be submitted for the fall program by August 29.
  • For more information click here





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