Fall Program Volunteer Job Descriptions


A catechist must be a practicing Catholic who is in good standing and must be open and willing to share their faith with the children. Closely following the classroom workbook, a weekly curriculum needs to be made with a commitment to teaching the class is mandatory. Catechists are required to be fingerprinted, attend Virtus Training (Protecting God’s Children) and attend Catechist Training Classes.

Hall Monitors
Volunteers are a constant “familiar face” each week during class time. You are responsible for monitoring the traffic in the hallways and maintaining safety and order in the halls at all times. Hall Monitors are required to be fingerprinted and attend Virtus Training (Protecting God’s Children).

Substitute Catechist
Volunteers are needed who are willing to substitute in our Religious Education classes when a Catechist is absent. All necessary materials will be provided. (You will only be asked to substitute on the day your child has class.)

Class Parent
Volunteers are needed to help the Catechists with various projects throughout the year. They also facilitate communication between the Catechist and other parents, especially in case of inclement weather, etc. They will also be called upon to be a substitute teacher if the Catechist is absent.
Volunteers are needed on Sundays during the 9:30 a.m. Mass to help in the Chapel from Sept. to May for Children’s Liturgy of the Word, for approximately 4-5 weeks.