Summer Program Volunteer Job Description


A catechist must be a practicing Catholic who is in good standing and must be open and willing to share their faith with the children. Closely following the classroom workbook, a daily curriculum needs to be made and a full two-week commitment to teaching the class is mandatory.  Catechists are required to be fingerprinted, attend Virtus Training (Protecting God’s Children) and attend Catechist Training Classes.

Hall Monitors

Volunteers are a constant “familiar face” during the full two-week session. You are responsible for monitoring the traffic in the hallways and maintaining safety and order in the halls at all times.  Hall Monitors are required to be fingerprinted and attend Virtus Training (Protecting God’s Children).


Volunteers are needed during the program to assist with set-up, distributing the snacks, clean-up and supervising the children during snack time.


We must maintain a safe environment for close to 300 children in the parking lot at both drop off and pick up.  Volunteers are asked to commit to 15-20 minutes daily, for one full week, for arrival and/or dismissal times, to assist the children and monitor the safety in the parking lot.


Volunteers to decorate the hallways prior to the program and to take the decorations down at end of the program. Decorating is done the week prior to the start of the summer program (Monday-Friday, in the morning hours).


Volunteers who cannot volunteer during class-time will help out in the evenings or weekends to assist at parent meetings, teacher meetings or for miscellaneous sign-ups, etc.

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